Hey there guys! Carissa (aka Artist4evr) here! 

Thank you so much for your interest in Panacea Potager! Today is the first official day of Panacea Potager's development! I started production shortly after Thanksgiving and am working dutifully to bring you a fun and heartfelt visual novel!

Here's a short history of myself and Panacea Potager:

I graduated in December of 2016 with an art degree from Northern Michigan University and a few weeks afterwards moved to Portland, Oregon. Over the course of the last year I have been working full time at a retail store and have been itching to get my start in the art and design field. I have been having a hard time getting into something more related to what I want to do and was getting really depressed and doubting myself. As the anniversary of me leaving Michigan and trekking cross country to create art in Portland was coming up, I started wracking my brain with what projects or events I should try to do to get that proverbial foot in the door.

It was when my roommate and datemate suggested that I start a longer and more in depth project that I started thinking about making something like a comic or animatic. Something that had a deep story and was going to take a lot more time than an individual illustration was going to.

I was wracking my brain with what kind of story I wanted to tell when I picked up a copy of Jason Schrier’s Blood, Sweat and Pixels. In that book I read the story of game companies and what they went through to create some of the most innovative games we have today. By reading that book, I realized that if I ultimately wanted to work in video games, I was going to have to make a video game. I would have to get out of my comfort zone of just drawing one or two illustrations and moving onto the next piece and focus a lot of time and effort on a complete world and story.

Thus Panacea Potager was concocted and from the concept of a magical slice of life visual novel, I hope to bring to you a fun and sincere game that tackles finding yourself and building relationships from the ground up.

Over the course of development I will be using this page to update you on the development process. I hope to use itch as a way to not only build a community for my game, but as a means to catalogue my development process as it is in itself a journey worth sharing with you. Stay tuned for more art, story and experiences from the world of Panacea Potager!

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